Getting my blog noticed

Hi. Ive pretty much got the content ready for the blog. In google my address come sup etc etc. However, how do you add keywords…ie in settings. My blog is but obviously i need to be seen when people type ‘food blog , food opinions etc etc’ into a search. How exactly is that done. I realise that it can be done in the description, So far ive started to do this:

The name of your site

BlackDog on food, food opinions food, blog, food blog, food news, united kingdom food
Used in your theme, meta data and search results

is that the right format to be picked up by a search engine. I just dont know and the info is a bit vague on this. Do i add the same under name of site?

Just a bit unclear.

any help would be great. obviously noone is going to type in ‘blackdogs opinions on food’ so i need to change that


There’s no specific place to add a list of keywords in Ghost - this isn’t how website optimisation works.

However, Ghost does come with comprehensive SEO functionality built-in (read more here) and gives you the option to add custom meta data on every post or page, as well as custom cards for Twitter and Facebook and much more.

The rest is up to you! A big part of getting noticed in the search engines is down to having great content with strong engagement metrics (read more about ranking factors).

I’d recommend doing some reading & research about search engine optimisation to find out more. Here’s a good place to start: The Beginners Guide to SEO by Moz and The Definitive Guide To SEO in 2019 by Backlinko.


hi. Thanks for advice and the links…ill read up on them

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so, apart from putting keywords in the meta description, which is crazy, because the description per post should be exactly that, a post does one actually link a name of a sight to what its function is. I men blackdog on food is the name, but obviously noone types in blackdog food opinions,so id need to link the two somehow…i just dont really see how you do that, at this point

Hi…how can i redirect a page to my main url…ie the page is: and i want it to redirect to:

thanks in advance…


im guessing you can do the above with canonical url…so do i leave this generally blank by deflaut and then add in the when im setting up a page for seo and want it to redirect to the front page?

Is that right…?

Sorry if im being unclear…