Getting Portal settings for welcome pages to work?

Hello fine humans!

Is there a trick to getting the welcome page links to work within the Ghost Portal? No matter what, every subscribe, paid or free, returns the user to the homepage, not to the page specified in those settings. (password: allwoolallthetime)
and the redirect links are set to:

Should I just totally disregard the Portal welcome-page fields and try to setup redirects on my own, following the steps outlined here?

I’m using the Ubud template and am hosted on Ghost(Pro). I emailed support for help a couple times over the last four days but I suspect they’re swamped with something more urgent, so I thought I’d check here to see if anyone has insight. I know it’s in beta and stuff is wonky.

This is the last thing holding back my launch, so I’d love to be able to figure it out.

Thank you!

I just thought I’d try it out and I got redirected to the main page, like you said.

It should work though to have links in the portal admin settings. I have it working on my site that way. Maybe there is a slight error in your links or you aren’t using the full link? Sorry I can’t be much more help than that :fearful:

Thank you for trying! I wish it were just a messed-up link - those were direct copy and pastes from that admin page, and I tested them more times than I’d like to admit. I’ll keep slogging along. Thanks again!

That’s too bad about the links :thinking: :frowning:

Since you’re a ghost(pro) user, your best bet will be getting in touch with them I think. Normally they are quite prompt with replies through their official channels.

Alas, I’ve tried twice since Monday (it’s now Friday) and it’s radio silence. Starting to worry I did something to offend the Ghost gods. Which I certainly don’t want to do, because the platform is amazing…

Hey there!
I haven’t fully checked the code your site but from what you describe I suspect you have some JavaScript like I mentioned in my original post that’s redirecting people. Are you able to inspect the code and find anything similar to the code I mentioned?

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@ClaraP I just checked out your site and I don’t see the Portal button at all nor are your member/log-in buttons Portal-enabled, rather pertinent seeing how the welcome page links you set up in the Portal portion of Ghost’s admin only work with the Portal button and/or Portal-enabled links. (If you haven’t seen the Portal in action before you can see the Portal button at the bottom-right of Ghost’s founder’s site and the Portal-enabled links at the top right.) The steps outlined in the link you mention are for when your members/subscribers system is hard-coded into your theme (care of your usage of Ubud) rather than with the more plug-and-play Portal system.

Prior to the introduction of the Portal functionality I used the hard-coded methodology described by David, which worked fine (I think one limitation was that the redirect momentarily went to the homepage before bouncing over to the desired welcome page). I’ve now switched entirely over to the Portal system (for my personal site at least).

That all being said, based on Ghost’s progress on GitHub as well as a recent podcast episode it seems that Ghost 4.0 could be released next week, part of which involves Ghost’s members functionality coming out of beta. Could be worth holding back your launch just a few extra days to see what changes are included and what new functionalities are made possible.

p.s. Nice wool site :slight_smile:

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Hi David! Thank you for lending your brain to this, I appreciate it.

It looks like this is exactly what’s happening. I heard back from Ghost support (thank you Ghost support!) and my theme has JavaScript that’s overriding Portal functionality.

if (stripe == ‘success’) {

I was going to change that second line to:
window.location.href = ‘{{@site.url}}/welcome/’;

But support pointed out that if I simply deleted that entire bit of code, Portal would take over. Rolling up my sleeves and jumping in now.

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Thank you! Also: They’re coming out of beta so soon?! No wonder everyone was so busy. That’s huge. You’ve just made my day with that news.

I’m only about a month into Ghost and still figuring out the lay of the land, so what you’re saying - about Ye Olde hard-coding versus tying into the Portal system and letting IT do the work - makes sense. I’d much rather go with the system than add code that ties things down.

Looks like I have more spelunking to do here.

Thank you again!


Nice job, also glad the support team got in touch :+1:t2: