Welcome Page Redirect Not Working


I am trying to build a welcome page when a new user subscribes following this help doc:

Unfortunately, when I click the “Confirm email address” button in the email it just directs to my site’s homepage.

The link from the email looks like this:


I’m on Ghost 4.2.2 hosted via Digital Ocean with Cloudflare CDN and email provided by mailgun. Any help is much appreciated!

Hey @keeganleary,
I had the same issue at angelnotes.co and was able to solve it today! As you can see below, I just had to add this code right after the opening tag of the homepage (home.hbs)

This redirects paid members to a different page.
Then you can add your custom code (your homepage) right after the {{else}} tag.
Make sure to add the closing {{/if}} tag at the end of the page:

Hope this helps! Cheers, Manuel

I believe this depends whether your users signup through Portal interactions or theme interactions. If they signup through Portal links (as provided in the Ghost Admin under Portal settings), then, when they confirm, they’ll be greeted with the free or paid welcome page.

If you use standard Ghost 3.x theme code for signups, then on confirmation they will be directed to homepage.

I’m running into the same issue when creating a custom Subscribe form following this guide in the docs, and it seems to depend on the data-members-form attribute. If I set it to signup, the user is redirected to the welcome page. If I set it to subscribe, it redirects to the home page.

Does anyone know why this is the case? I’m adding a free newsletter and I prefer the language used in the Subscribe confirmation email over the Signup one. Is it possible to use a welcome page in conjunction with the subscribe form action?