Customized Member Portal

The new members section in 4.0 is amazing and it so nice to have the modal that is simple and easy to use for allowing users to sign up! I think one thing i would like is maybe an ability to update the labels of the plans or a description field that can be edited in the admin panel. I think some feedback i’ve had is the difference between free (newsletter) and premium isn’t clear so allowing to add some text, even to outline what premium includes would be useful. Just a thought but again i love this new version of Ghost and members is an amazing feature im looking forward to using!

Agree. If removing the selection for “Free” it is not really clear that some posts might be free and some are not. The only indication so far is the “star” next to the post title.

I updated my description text to include that XXX posts are available for free and that XXX are available for XX / month or XX / year.

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