How to do I disable the membership function but keep the newsletter?

I want to have the newsletter function of the Ghost but don’t want the membership function. Like public can sign up for newsletter but no account etc. Is there anyway to do it? I just found that you can either enable the Memberships with Newsletter or Nothing. Is there anyway around that? I could install Mailchimp etc, but the best way through Ghost.

People don’t need to set a password to subscribe to a list, they just provide a name and email, just like with other newsletter software.

OK but the modal implies membership. For example, there’s

Already a member? Sign in

at the bottom

Is there a way to let people sign up to receive emails when new posts are published (since virtually no one uses rss) without the overhead/confusion of a membership?

So, here’s what I did. Completely disabled the membership function and then went ahead and installed EmailOctopus widgets. So, there’s no sign up etc right now in the website.