Ghost and Content Curation Integration

I’m interested in knowing if any users have integrated “content curation tools” into a Ghost website. (Content curation is adding your voice (and value) to a handpicked collection of content. Gathered from a variety of sources, around a specific topic, that you publish and share with your fans. With proper attribution credited to the source.)

Your input is appreciated.

Hey @Peter_Brandt :wave:
Depending on your desired approach you can provide curated content with Ghost in a number of ways. Ghost has staff users with controllable permissions, which let content creators contribute to your site that you can then in turn review and publish after vetting.

Ghost also has the bookmark card, which allows you to link to articles on other sites and present them with correct attribution detailed summaries.

Just a couple of suggestions. I’d be interested to hear what sort of site you’re wanting to put together :blush:

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Dear David,

First, I’d like to say what an awesome organization Ghost is. I’m very impressed by what I’ve seen.

To answer your question, I’m producing a curated music news site. I currently publish on Flipboard. I feature music videos, new releases, stories about musicians, singers and others in the industry. I’d like to add commerce, community and a newsletter, all of which Ghost is enabled to do.

Thank you for the useful information you’ve provided. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.


Peter Brandt

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Thanks for the kind words @Peter_Brandt! Let us know how you get on with Ghost :blush: