API to publish from Story Chief to Ghost


Hi, I’m Chun Kay from Story Chief (storychief.io), content marketing tool where you can create stories and publish multichannel.
We have a request from different Ghost users that might want to use Story Chief as well.
Do you have any plans to have an API to publish to Ghost as well, i.e. from Story Chief to Ghost?


It already exists as a private api, although it’s not documented, and can change. The Admin interface runs using said API, so you can inspect network traffic to see how to perform certain actions.


Hi Chun-Kay,

I’m one of the Ghost users who requested this feature from you :wink:

Have you already planned the Ghost API connection? I see that Ghost is capable, so it’s up to you know to finish the integration. Do you have an estimation when it will be finished?



Ghost does have a private undocumented API, but I can totally understand that any 3rd party like Story Chief aren’t comfortable adding a connector that they know could break any second, and especially given that the authentication flows aren’t really setup for this kind of extension.

We are working on getting the API both easy to authenticate with and reliable to build against. I’d suggesting hanging fire and having a better life after we ship those changes, however the structure of the API itself won’t change so much, and therefore it’s possible to start building prototypes to be prepared for when the improved API lands.

And before anyone asks. No, there’s no ETA: About the Ideas category


I like this a lot! Many people could use their Ghost blog as a micro blogging platform.
Just posting in Ghost and having this sent to mailchimp would be a big win for me.