Ghost and Webmention

I wonder if someone have Webmention implemented on Ghost. You can see it in action scrolling down here:

And check the JS client to enable and use the service:

That enables replies on comments directly mentioning the URL of our articles from social media and could be a major break in our engagement and organic traffic as well.

I’ll try to implement by myself but I suspect I’ll need some help so maybe you have interest on it :+1:

Work in progress:

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That’s exciting! Looks like there was a good amount of activity in that implementation if Feb-Mar of this year, but has since been left alone.

It seems, looking through the code, that webmentions are being received and stored.

Does anyone know what the status is for webmentions being made available through the content/admin API or getting full rendering support?


Is there any update on webmention implimentation?

I set up over the weekend to start capturing webmentions from Mastodon, and it would be great to impliment them into the Ghost post in leu of comments. However, I’m not sure where these webmentions are being stored or what I can do with them at this point.

Yes, the new Recommendations feature implements webmentions.

Here’s the documentation: Recommendations – Ghost Developer Docs
And this is the new helper for theme development, etc.: Ghost Handlebars Theme Helpers: recommendations

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So, how to enable the webmentions system?

I want to link my blogposts from social media and I think that’s webmention is.

I suspect I’m missing something.

As @matenauta said, I think I’m missing something here. So, is Ghost’s implimentation of webmentions only for the new recomendations feature or can it also be used to capture likes, reposts, etc. on social feeds using a tool like

Good point, sorry for missing that!

Yeah, it seems like the incoming webmentions aren’t really “usable” so far, given that there is no way of accessing them from the frontend.

The mentions should be captured though, as far as I understand the implementations. There should be notifications about mentions in the admin panel, though since I haven’t had tested it myself, I can’t tell you how they look exactly.


Oh, thanks for your following up. I hope that will be added soon because that will improve all our genuine engagement over the entire internet :raised_hands:

We really want to use Social Media organically and can’t wait to meet another communities for genuine interaction between Ghost’s folks!

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Yeah, looking forward to being able to use the webmentions beyond reccomending publications.


Bringing this back up. While Ghost’s webmention implimentation leaves a lot to be desired, it is capturing the webmentions. Does anyone know where those are being stored? I’ve played with the file system but can’t find anything and I don’t know enough about SQL to go looking there.

I ask because I tried setting up, yet the Ghost implimentation supersedes it. So, I’m trying to figure out what Ghost is doing with the information it receives and if it’s possible to do anything with it, like, I don’t know, use it for comments/likes on posts.

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Hi there! Did you figured it out? I can contribute hiring a dev for specific tasks but my knowledge is not capable at this time for understand what we really need to do :slight_smile:

By the way, it’s not cool how they used webmentions and fixed them on their own branded solution.

For those who really value the freedom on information that’s a bug sold as feature.

No, I’ve not figured out where that information is being stored. It seems like we’re only halfway to a workable option. Mabye it’s something coming with Ghost 6.0?

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Yeah it appears in the head of my Ghost Pro pages, but shows a link that 404s:

So, there is not webmention at all.