Ghost Android - Posts created by contributors are not syncing


Issue #1

When users with “Contributor” role try to write a post using the Ghost mobile app, it doesn’t sync to the server.

I was going through a debugging session and found the following error when a contributor tries to create a post.

{“errors”:[{“message”:“You do not have permission to add posts”,“errorType”:“NoPermissionError”}]}

Issue #2

When this happens, Ghost mobile app keeps trying to sync with the server and finally it goes through the spam prevention system resulting in the following error

{“errors”:[{“message”:“Too many attempts try again in an hour”,“context”:“Only 100 tries per IP address every 3600 seconds.”,“errorType”:“TooManyRequestsError”}]}

Then no one in the same network can even log in to the app within an hour.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?


@truekasun it’s probably worth opening these as issues on the Ghost-Android repo

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I’ll do.


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