Ghost blog front page not showing up on Google search

Hi, recently I noticed that the front page of my blog ( has been delisted from all Google results, and when I search my domain with the site: modifier, only other (sub)pages seem to appear, and I would expect the front page to be among the first results (first in fact since Google should be aware that it’s the most relevant to an empty search query of that domain).

Can anyone help me guess what’s going on? I realize that this might not technically have anything to do with Ghost, but it also could:/

I just updated to Ghost 1.23.1, running on a Ubuntu 16.04 server hosted on DigitalOcean.

It appears in Google search. If I search for “” or “Flowing Systems” your frontpage is the first result.

Wait seriously? There must be some bubbling going on, weird

Can you give us a screenshot with what you see. please? Or what you search?

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