Help! Sub domain or move my site to GHOST

Hi everyone. I’m needing some quick advice.

I have my small business website on Squarespace ( - I’m happy with home page / about etc but my BLOG needs a lot of work and Squarespace templates so limiting. Ideally, I want my blog on ghost - on a subdomain. If I did this would it hurt SEO? I really want to start writing and publishing more prolifically.

Also - is there any easy way I can replicate the current site structure and have a great blog all on GHOST?

Any advice welcome please about which way makes sense.

Thank you!

Any advice welcome!

It wont hurt the seo… You can use a permanent redirection from to

& to make ghost blog same as your current blog you need to have a custom theme developed & for content check with your current provider if they have an option to export the blog contents in json format.

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The answer can’t be quick as there are many question altogether :-p

SEO, it won’t be impacted if the transition strategy is well done.

Migration: I don’t know if Squarespace offers a solid export fonction ?? If not I would simply copy paste everything manually.

The part I’m not sure is about the DNS record for Domain A & B.

I’m not sure this could work. Anyone?


Could there be an issue where squarespace override the /blog url ??

Else using is a good idea as well with a 301 redirect.

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Thanks for response, pascal. I have just also discovered firepress. Hmmm… options! Tempted…

With firepress - If made a long form landing page as static home page and just had blog on ghost I can have top level contact forms etc - unless with firepress I could have 2-3 static pages? And I could transfer domain from Squarespace? There’s very little to my site…a more magazine blog would allow me to transcend education, wellbeing and coaching / business worlds - all of which I service!

If your up for challenge of helping me pull this off! Maybe with a little ghost developer help too…

Or I just host blog on ghost / firepress… and have best of both!

Yes, you can have static page manage by your Ghost theme. This means custom work, but it’s possible.