Hosting a blog and newsletter on a single Ghost platform + other questions

Hi there,

I have some questions related to technical capability and migration to Ghost.

I’m thinking of switching to Ghost for my hosted blog & newsletter. Probably would do a Ghost Pro switch if this is possible as I would not want to self-host.

Now run my blog and personal website on Squarespace, with Substack handling my newsletter.

I run a modest biweekly newsletter, no plans on turning it into a paid subscription. Is it possible to combine both (personal websitte & blog + newsletter) into a single Ghost installation?

If this is possible, is there a quick and simple way to migrate content off Squarespace and substack to sit on the Ghost platform? I’m not super technical and I have seen other guides floating around on Google. The Substack migration looks quite straightforward, but I’m concerned about the Squarespace migration portion.

According to the official documentation, Squarespace migration is included in a Ghost Pro Standard Annual subscription. I would love to do an assisted migration but i have no need for the huge standard plan. Is there a one off service that does this?