Tag or author page doesn’t work as bookmark card?

Making a bookmark card of a tag or authors page doesn’t work, right? Or am I missing something?

It would be very useful if it did, I think.

Seems to work ok for me? Here’s an example:

Oh you are right. It works in Ghost. I switched to the Casper theme to check.

Doesn’t work for me, my best guess is it has something to do with the theme I’m using - the terrific East theme from Mr Ahmad. Bookmark card linking to home or post pages work fine, to tag or author doesn’t. Not a very big thing.

I double-checked the tag and author pages with East and all is working fine. It might be something outside the theme layer as the content comes directly from Ghost. If the content is visible in the editor, it should be visible in the theme post page. The only difference should be the card design. If you can share or DM me the blog URL and we can figure it out.

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Thanks a lot Ahmad, will do !


Hello there,

I can tell you as of the latest ghost 3.13.4 these issues have dissapeared, voila!

Thanks for you time and effort -