Ghost Command Not Found

Weird thing … i followed all the steps as instructed in the official tutorial and when i run the ghost install command or ghost -v i get the error that the ghost command is not found

This happens for the sudo user, however the command(s) is(are) recognized by the root user, where i get an output of ghost version installed

I just dont know what to do now … stuck. I tried running an alternative way, which is ghost install --dir /path/directory from inside root user but i get the instruction that i must run this as a regular user.

I didnt install nvm. It’s text book installation from the official guide from docs/install/ubuntu

Ran all the installation commands with the sudo user

The npm location for root ( output of command npm root -g ) is /usr/lib/node_modules

The node -v can be seen from the sudo user side . Same goes for npm -v … i can see this too from the sudo user

Nodejs Version: 18.19.1
Npm Version 10.2.4
Ghost Version (seen from root user only) 1.26.0
Ubuntu server 2204 (upgraded to pro account)

after further testing i came to the conclusion it has something to do with the ubuntu pro, as installing the npm works fine with ubuntu regular.

to sum things up, i uninstalled nodejs, uninstalled npm, uninstalled ghost-cli. they were previously installed on ubuntu LTS, before making the upgrade to ubuntu pro.

after that i did a reinstall for nodejs while on ubuntu pro this time, and this started to get interesting … i received the message ‘the following signatures could not be verified because the public key is not available’ … so it seems ubuntu pro doesnt like the signature key for nodejs