Ghost Dashboard isn't receiving Read Receipts from Mailgun

Issue Summary

  • Ghost Dashboard isn’t receiving the read receipts from Mailgun. When I send out posts to email, Mailgun reports that the emails are being sent, received, and read, but the Ghost Dashboard are all reporting 0% read. Furthermore going into each user shows that they haven’t received an email in two weeks. However, Mailgun reports that the emails were sent and opened by the user.
  • I expected that the Ghost Dashboard would display the email metadata like it previously did.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Write a Post
  2. Publish & Send to Users

I have since published two posts, which totaled almost 60 emails. Mailgun reports all information on their own dashboard. This issue only started after I upgraded from an earlier v5 ghost using the Ghost CLI. I don’t remember which version it was, as I only noticed the issue earlier in the week. After my two posts were sent out and it the meta information didn’t update on Ghost.

Setup information

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using the Ghost CLI

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Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-120-generic x86_64)

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There is a known (but very uncommon) occurrence that our team are aware of, where event fetching stalls in Ghost, which can cause issues with open rate reporting.

Restarting Ghost should pull in the missing data if this is the case, providing you do this within the data retention limit set by your Mailgun account. You’d need to wait a little while for all missed events to be pulled in and processed.

Thank you very much Kym!

After restarting it I left it for a day and when I checked today, the read receipts were pulled for the past week.

Thank you for time

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