Open rate does not show in Ghost (but does in Mailgun)


Newsletters send properly, open data works within Mailgun, but none of these data are shows within Ghost:

  • newsletter sent properly (4500+ subscribers)
  • in Mailgun, open events and open-rate data are recorded correctly
  • BUT those data are not visible in Ghost back office : neither in member page (events and opened stats) and in the Post list.


  • digital ocean droplet + ghost fully updated
  • Private API key verified
  • Mailgun flex account
  • Nothing relevant in the error log
  • I waited 10+ hours for parsing delay but nothing happened
  • Tried on 4 different newsletters

Production log : many time the same stuff, seems ok for me but not sure at all:

{“name”:“Log”,“hostname”:“dixit”,“pid”:1376,“level”:30,“worker”:{“resourceLimits”:{“maxYoungGenerationSizeMb”:46.5,“maxOldGenerationSizeMb”:1966,“codeRangeSizeMb”:0,“stackSizeMb”:4},“threadId”:11},“msg”:“Worker for job “email-analytics-fetch-latest” online”,“time”:“2022-01-05T21:01:52.112Z”,“v”:0}
{“name”:“Log”,“hostname”:“dixit”,“pid”:1376,“level”:30,“msg”:“Worker for job email-analytics-fetch-latest sent a message: Fetched 300 events and aggregated stats for 1 emails in 1328ms”,“time”:“2022-01-05T21:01:53.918Z”,“v”:0}
{“name”:“Log”,“hostname”:“dixit”,“pid”:1376,“level”:30,“msg”:“Worker for job email-analytics-fetch-latest sent a message: done”,“time”:“2022-01-05T21:01:53.919Z”,“v”:0}

It seems the data flow from Mailgun to Ghost is not working properly. Any idea ?

Thank’s for your support.

It was working for me on 1/6, but the next day 1/7 I start to experience the same issue. The open-rate is 0% in ghost’s dashboard but I do receive an email and opened it. Analytics in Mailgun also suggests emails are sent. Not sure what’s going on.

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I figured it out. Somehow the “open tracking” setting in Mailgun was turned off for reason. After turning it on I started seeing open logs in Mailgun.

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Edit: It’s working now, and I don’t know why.

I changed Mailgun from Flex to an more expensive subscription. Not sure it changed anything but I think the issue was on Mailgun side.