Solo Theme file got Corrupted

Issue Summary

  • I tries to install the solo theme but got the error saying: Templates must contain valid Handlebars.

I just tried installing Solo theme. It was successful. Can you try installing again? Or share more details about your set up, so we can help you troubleshoot.

Hi Ryan, I just tried again , and it’s saying the same thing ( I am currently using theme edition - v1.0.0 )

Fatal error: Templates must contain valid Handlebars

Oops! You seemed to have used invalid Handlebars syntax. This mostly
happens, when you use a helper that is not supported.
See the full list of available helpers here.

Affected files:
  • partials/loop.hbs: Missing helper: “comment_count”
  • post.hbs: Missing helper: “comment_count”

I suspect that the latest version of Solo assumes the latest version of Ghost, and you’re running something older. How old is your version of Ghost, and can you update it? That’ll probably fix you right up!

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currently using 5.2.3 :thinking: should be the latest one

Definitely not the latest version, and that’s your problem. :) Comments came in around version 5.8.

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