What CMS is used to create the Ghost docs?

I’m a big fan of Ghost, and I’m in the process of building my own Ghost site. While I was exploring Ghost’s site, I came across this one, and I’m curious to know if it’s built using Docusaurus or a different CMS for the Ghost dcos site. Could you please clarify this for me? Thank you!



Based on the meta tags, the Ghost Docs are built with Hugo as a static site:

The Gatsby docs – yeah, you guessed it – with Gatsby :wink:

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Thank you for your response! I come from the world of WordPress and I’m completely new to the concept of static sites. I’m looking to transition to Ghost for my main site and also incorporate Hextra for my docs. Could you guide me on how to seamlessly integrate Ghost and Hextra docs on the same domain, and manage everything in one place? I’d really appreciate a thorough understanding of how this can be achieved.

For example, I envision my setup to be:

Main ghost: site.com
Docs : site.com/docs

I’ve also taken a look at the Hextra documentation here: Introduction – Hextra.

All of the following assumes you’re self-hosting – if you’re on Ghost(Pro) or another managed Ghost hosting provider, you’ll need to reach out to them directly, since it’s not an “on-the-surface” change you’re making here, but something under the hood:

That being said, doing something like this has very little to do with Ghost itself and more with configuring your proxy to deal with “distributing” content accordingly.

When you install Ghost with ghost install, you’re also installing NGINX, which is already the first step.

Hextra seems to be a Hugo theme, so here is a blog post I found on hosting Hugo in a subdirectory with NGINX:

The NGINX configuration will look a bit different, but the essence will be the same: add a configuration block that tells NGINX that anything at the /docs directory needs to be re-routed to your Hugo output directory.

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Thank you very much :pray:t3: I’ve found that Doks Ghost is well-suited for my needs. Without your input, I would have never considered exploring other options.

I’ve checked out Landing page - Doks and it looks promising.

Regarding self-hosting, does magicpages.co offer the option to choose server location? Or do they provide management for a Ghost server? I’m quite impressed with their offerings. I believe that using Ghost with Cloudflare and MagicPages.co could potentially resolve all the loading issues.

I’m unsure about the duration of the migration process. I have nearly 1400 pages, all of which are manual and static WordPress pages with HTML blocks.I plan to test the migration on a local environment with a dummy domain to anticipate any challenges I might encounter.

Considering the upcoming holiday season, I’m looking for reasons to expedite the migration process. :smile:

Advance Happy Holidays!

Yeah, Doks is a pretty great theme indeed – using that instead of a separate Hugo install will simplify things in the long run, in my opinion.

Regarding Magic Pages, let me send you a DM. But generally speaking, it’s a fully managed Ghost instance with server location on the German/Dutch border.

And in terms of migration, yes, I would definitely test that on a local install first to see how things turn out. 1400 pages is quite something :smiley:

I am not entirely sure how this is related to this thread or Ghost as a CMS in general. This rather sounds like a Gatsby-specific question.

If you think that we can help you here in the Ghost forum, I’d encourage you to open a new topic with all the relevant information.

Okay , I will create new topic