Ghost explore backlink

Wouldn’t it be super helpful and kind if Ghost Explore shared a juicy backlink to all creators. Of course this would need vetting to make sure Ghost doesn’t endorse sites breaching guidelines / policies.

A .org backlink would help us tremendously

Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t this what’s already happening? Any site submitted to Explore will have a backlink to their site.

Exactly. There is a backlink already. If it’s do or nofollow is another question, but one can see that by just checking the code.

Yes I thought that would be the case.

But when I check my backlinks in Ahrefs doesn’t appear as a referring domain :frowning:

Is it different for anyone else?

Have you checked Google Search Console? (It shows up there for me.)

It likely won’t show up in analytics (because of the noreferrer), but it’ll still be good for backlinks/SEO.

I don’t seem to see it on GSV either. I have checked the links pages and not mention of it