How do I make all href links I paste in blog posts to be rel = "nofollow"?

Never mind! I figured it out…
Solution =

I use Ghost 1.25 self hosted.

I noticed all the links I paste into my blog posts don’t have a rel = “nofollow”. Is this something I can somehow add? Do you guys plan to support that feature soon? I want it for SEO purposes… I left Wordpress for the awesome simplicity and straightforwardness of GhostJS, but I’m disappointed that such a option does not exist (at least I can’t find it so far).

Edit: I am capable of web development, so fire away! :)

The solution is to use HTML links and write whatever attributes you like. It’s not a good idea to overuse rel=nofollow by blanket applying it to everything, better to apply selectively where needed.

We might add a config at some point to allow selective application to external links automatically, but no plans in the near future


That’s very true, as for example Google’s Matt Cutts and others said as well. There are the old myths on lost link juice, etc., but nofollow is for cases such as comments with links that we don’t review/recommend, etc. A blogger explains it very simply:

If you nofollow, it hurts your own rankings
If your page links to other sites’ pages that are relevant and good and useful, it actually helps you in the search engine rankings. While there has been some debate about how much of a ranking factor this is exactly, many SEO experts do believe that outbound links are a ranking factor.
In other words: sites that link to other sites in a way that is helpful to their readers will be rewarded with higher search ranking themselves.
(Hey Bloggers: Stop Making All Your Links ‘Nofollow’! • Indie Traveller)

Yup, I know that. :slight_smile:

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