Ghost Favicon Not Showing on Bing Search Results

Ghost generates a 256x256 px favicon, which Google displays correctly. However, Bing doesn’t display anything. I’ve checked their rules, and I’m not sure if Ghost is compliant. Any suggestions?

From what I can find, I don’t see any indication that Ghost isn’t compliant, but the requirements aren’t entirely clear. I was also able to find several Ghost sites with favicons showing in Bing search results. (I also did see some without it.)

Favicon crawlers act pretty slowly. They might only query your site every six months, so it might just be a waiting game. You can also try verifying your site via Bing’s webmaster tools and requesting crawling, if you haven’t already: Bing Webmaster Tools This may speed up the process

It has been over 6 months since I’ve been using Bing Webmaster Tools, and the favicon for my website still isn’t displaying in their SERP, so this is hurting the CTR quite a bit. I’m beginning to suspect that it might be due to Ghost redirecting /favicon.ico to a URL like /content/images/size/w256h256/2023/11/favicon.png. Nevertheless, I’ve reached out to a Bing Webmaster Tools representative to investigate this issue and will provide updates on the progress.

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[SOLVED] Bing customer service have been very helpful and quite quick. Another level compared to the almost non-existent Google customer service.

After having opened a ticket for “Bad Search Results” in the Bing Webmaster Tools Customer Service, they sent my request to the technical department and fixed the missing favicon in just 24 hours.

Now my Ghost website blog correctly shows the favicon in the Bing SERPs, I didn’t have to change anything from my side. I can now consider this issue as solved.


Thanks, Block! Mine is also missing, so I’ll use your link. They didn’t have any recommendations for how to get Bing to pick it up automatically?

You are welcome.
Nope, it seems is not just a “Ghost websites” issue, but also with wordpress and other CMS websites. Bing serps are full of blank favicon websites.

Probably they really follow their very strict guidelines and don’t take in consideration redirects from /favicon.ico (like Ghost does) and probably only automatically picks up who carefully crafts their favicon with services like favicon generator but I don’t like these solutions (leaving stuff on the website root). So probably the tech support just “force” Bing to display your favicon in some ways.