Ghost for Novels?


I’m not sure where to post this but I have a few questions regarding ghost (pro) and if I can achieve a story sharing website with locked chapters under the membership feature.

I have a lazy mockup using the Shoji theme which I plan on using.

Ideally, I like to be able to post a fictional story from the admin end along with other writers. The first couple or so chapters can be free to read but to unlock further chapters users would need a membership.

In my mockup, I wanted to separate the chapters using tabs. If a user clicks on a locked tab and they aren’t a member I’d like for the member-only notice to pop up.

I don’t know If any of this is possible with Ghost ( I hope it is)
I’ve used Wordpress in the past but it becomes insanely slow with all the plugins I’d need to set up something like this.

For functioning examples of what I’m attempting to do:

Except without user submissions and a lot more simple.
Thank you for any insight.