Member Area Categories?

Hey Everyone,

New to Ghost - I’ll be setting up my website soon.

Quick question about a Members Area;

Is it possible to add sections or categories to a Members Area?

My plan is to have different topics and it would be great if a user could view by topic.

Also, is the Members Area just a feed starting with the latest post and working backwards?

One idea I have is to put my book into my Members Area (one chapter at a time). To do this I’d really need sections/categories as I’d hate for the chapters to be mixed in with other premium content (before and after each chapter/post). I’d like a member to be able to navigate different sections as/when they choose.

Overtime, when I have several books written, I’d like a member to be able to click a category e.g. Books, then click a specific book and then see all the posts/chapters of that book.

I’ll be using the Nurui theme.

I’ve been trying to find Ghost Member Area examples but haven’t had any luck.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @shvffles,

Not sure what you mean by members area?

You can set post access to public in Ghost settings and then, on a post per post basis, assign the post to tag and choose the Paid members only and that way, keep it all separate.

You can then, on top of that, change how the tags are displayed on your home page (requires custom code unless your theme has support for it already).

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Ah ok, thanks for that.

I thought that, as well as making posts only available to members, when a member logged in they would also be able to see all posts/content in one area.

In that ‘area’ I was hoping to create categories to group specific content together and have that content behind a category name on the site.

I think your solution might work for the theme I’m looking to get (Nurui)?

Yep, that looks like it works for the Nurui theme:

I could create a tag for the name of my book (as an example) and then tag each chapter accordingly so that they’re all in one place.

What you’re looking for can be done no matter the theme. Sounds like custom work and custom design, but I might be wrong since I’ve never used the Nurui theme (I cannot answer for its setup).

With the chance of “over explaining”;
as default, a logged in paying member have access to everything - no matter the “area”. What differentiates a member from a paid member is the access level. Hence the “access to everything”. I’m saying this so that you do not confuse member with paying member :slight_smile:

When writing a post / page, you can then choose between Public, Members only and Paid members only.

You might wanna test the re-direct setup for logged in members (free or paying). There’s an option in Ghost to set a URL as to where a logged in member should be re-directed.

You can create a page and design that however you like. Set that page as the URL for the re-direct for logged in.

That said; you would need custom code or at least copying code from other templates if you want to display a column or a section with different tags (categories) on that page – unless Nurui has a different setup.

If I were you, I would contact the theme developer on Themeforest for information regarding this. They are most likely more equipped to answer this in detail.

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