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I wish to create blogging site with multiple clients. I wish to use ghost cli for it, but the main difficulty is that one ghost instance can only have one user. So i was just wondering if i can create a custom cli by modifying present code to have multiple clients. I’m doing this project as part of GSoC, so any information can be useful.
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Can you be more specific about this limitation? Each instance can have many users if they are all writing to the same publication.

If you require each client to have their own publication with their own styling that is a very different situation. In that case each instance is equal to a single publication, changes to the CLI won’t affect that and Ghost itself is not architected to be a multi-tenant application.



I need each client to have his own publication like https://ghost/xxx & https://ghost/yyy.
As i have done some digging i found that we can have sun directories for it. But, i have to implement it for over 1000 users, hence it won’t be scalable right. So is there anyway around this situation, or sub directories is only the way.


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