**ghost ls** not listing any sites

ghost ls used to list the sites configured on my server - now it says there are no instances… and if I cat ~/.ghost/config the instances hash is empty, so I’m not sure what to put in there…

How do I get the ghost-cli to update the list of instances?

Is it possible that you changed your home directory or are using the incorrect user? If the config file gets corrupted, you have to manually add the instances back :grimacing:

Here’s an example config file:

  "instances": {
    "ghost-local": {
      "cwd": "/var/www/ghost/instance-a"
    "ghost-local-1": {
      "cwd": "/var/www/ghost/instance-b"
    "ghost-local-2": {
      "cwd": "/var/www/ghost/instance-c"
    "ghost-local-3": {
      "cwd": "/var/www/ghost/test"

No - home folder has not changed, and I am using the correct user.

Thanks for the content - so its just a list of CWDs…

How does it get created and updated in the first place?