Ghost no longer automatically recognises emails as mailto

So I just upgraded out Ghost CMS from Version 1.x to 3.9. Previously, you could post somebodys email address and it would automatically be recognised as a mailto link. Now, if an email address, it doens’t recognise it as a mailto and so you can’t click on it.

Any advice of how to resolve this?

Why was this done?

Hey @olliey, that’s quite the version jump! You can select the email text and add a mailto link like so:
Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 16.56.51

Hey, Cheers for the quick reply

How come this change has been made? Isn’t it much more simple the original way?

I’m not entirely sure on the reasons I’m afraid, but this is the first time I’ve heard anyone have an issue with it changing

Seriously, even I’ve heard anyone have an issue with it changing.

Sorry, not sure what you’re saying?