Mailto notworking

I have tried to get a link working in navigation to , but this will not work.

Within a page and using the markdown editor I have added email me and this will not work either.

I am using the Casper theme.

Any ideas anyone? Many thanks.

I just tried adding a mailto link as a nav item. It worked for me.

Can you share a link to your site or say a little more about what’s not happening?

Just to double check: For a mailto link to work, the computer you’re on has to have a mail client installed and know that the client is supposed to handle mailto links. When you’re testing, are you testing on a computer where that’s true? If you click your own links in your forum post, do THEY work? If the answer’s no, this isn’t a Ghost problem.

And I apologize if that’s an obvious question - sometimes it’s worth ruling out the obvious before going on to something trickier! :slight_smile:

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Hi, sometimes the obvious is the best. You were right. I do have an email client, but for reasons I do not understand my settings had changed in Windows 10 and this was the issue.


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