Ghost on CPANNEL?


Can Ghost be installed on CPANNEL? I have found a couple articles online but they are from a couple of years ago. I’m not sure they are true for the current version of Ghost.


No, it can’t be.

cPanel is a graphical interface to manage generic website hosting, and hosting ghost is not generic hosting. Sites that work easily with cPanel tend to be written in PHP because of the way the language works, and ghost is written in (serverside) javascript, which cannot be run the same way PHP is run.

The tutorials for installing ghost on cPanel are basically instructions on how to install ghost in an extremely unsupported way - they want you to use ssh to access your webserver and run commands; cPanel was designed to negate the need to ssh in and run commands.

Your best bet is to follow the documentation to self-host on a VPS, or to go with Ghost Pro.


Probably the easiest way to try Ghost on your own would be to open a DigitalOcean account and deploy a ready made Ghost droplet. Otherwise, just go for the 14 days trial on GhostPro.


It supported in cPanel with Softaculous before Aug 2017. But they stopped it and now we can’t use it in cpanel anymore too. I used ghost in cpanel with Softaculous. It was really easy except the server restart wait time.

Ref :


Can I run an older version of Ghost with Softacultus? Or could I install GHOST seperately on the same machine?


You can, but you really shouldn’t -

  • 0.x is in LTS and will be deprecated soon (probably within the year)
  • The docs really suggest you don’t

Auto-installers such as Softaculous are not supported. They generally set Ghost up incorrectly and make it impossible to upgrade later. We don’t recommend using them.

Ghost will not run on shared/cPanel hosting designed for PHP applications.

  • If you run into any issues, you’re most likely going to be on your own

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