Ghost only installs on Mysqlite (Digital Ocean)

Hey guys, I been on my third Ghost Instance, and I was talking to a friend while looking for a nice VPS, and I saw that he runs his instance on MySQL 8, and I read somewhere that this will be required for the next update. For some reason, my basic Digital Ocean account (1GB RAM) prompts me some installation error when trying to install Ghost with MySQL 8. It only works with MySQLite (ghost install --db=sqlite3).
Is that because of the low RAM?

MySQL 8 is required now in production.

I tried to do a digital ocean deploy over the weekend and had a whole variety problems with the one click droplet install. (Not sure if that’s what you’re using, however.)

If you don’t need terminal access, either Magic Pages or Pikapods is a super smooth actually-one-click deploy. Less than a minute from start to server online.

If you want a VPS, I’ve been pretty happy with the one I have a Hostinger. The DO droplets are great when the one-click works and if you want to pay for a couple hours of having a server. If you want something longer term, you can definitely do better on price.

The catch is that you have to sign up for a couple years to get that low low price, but if you’re looking to set up and keep a server, they’re a steal. And even if you’re just doing month to month, they beat a comparable droplet in terms of ram for price.

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I had issues with the automatic droplet too! I had to use the Ubuntu guide. That’s why I’m looking for another VPS. Thanks for the tips!