Managed hosting services reviewed

Just wanted to share outcome of my exhaustive search for a good managed hosting provider:

Ghost (Pro) is of course the big, official one and it helps sustain the project…but I found it pretty expensive if I wanted to have my blog on a subdirectory, more than 1k members, etc. is by far the most comprehensive alternative I found. Offers pretty much all the functions of Ghost Pro for $19 per month. (including CDN).

Some other solutions I considered include Midnight ($15, no CDN) and the new But their feature set is more limited at this time.

Themeix offers some excellent managed hosting options as well. I’ve used them – they are solid and have super fast servers, and some wonderful Ghost themes:


Also –

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware of those options…will FastComet take care of server maintenance, updates, etc…or is it more akin to a DIY solution like DigitalOcean? (I’m not a techie, I just want to blog)

you can try the options of . we are releasing it very soon. Let me know if you wish to test drive

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I have used Netlify’s service to test various managed hosting providers for speed…I figure if they don’t take care to optimize their own website, they might not be the best solution for my site.

This has led to some surprising results…many of these hosts run very slow sites.

Fast Comet takes care of everything, but also provides you with all of the tools you need to DIY if you want to. Lots of flexibility, and great, responsive support. It’s kind of the best of both worlds, IMHO.

They provide a full cPanel with your account so you get email accounts, web-based file manager, and all of the other bells and whistles you can imagine.

But if all you want is a set-it-and-forget-it Ghost blog, you can just use that and ignore the rest, and it’s still dirt cheap and super fast servers.

I wrote a post about my hosting setup on a Ghost site that I have hosted on Fast Comet:

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Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the good words Joseph :upside_down_face: That gave me the will to write a post about our offering after more than a year and half of doing Ghost hosting.

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I actually started with Ghost by fiddling around with Play with Ghost Nice and useful creation!

This is so cool :-p

Thanks for your recommendation :slight_smile:
We are providing a FREE Theme (Save $39) also with our business, premium, mega hosting plan.

Here you can get started for free:

GhostStead is completely free until your site grows.

You can of course use any theme but the default one is based on Bootstrap V5.

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Thanks looks promising, you are definitely addressing a real need (ie using Ghost for its publishing strength and other solutions for a full website)