Ghost Pro with custom domain AND g suite / gmail mx records?


Hi everyone,

I’m hoping you can help me. I’m using ghost pro with my own custom domain (let’s call it domain and I’m also using gsuite email. At first, I couldn’t receive email, and the namecheap chat told me that’s because of the ghost CNAME record on hogging all the traffic and sending it to the website rather than the email mx records.

So, the way around this was to change the CNAME record to use instead of just This way, www traffic is sent to the website and email traffic is sent to the mx records. It’s not possible to use an A record for the ghost traffic because the IP address cannot be guaranteed.

The situation I’m in now:

  • site is accessible via www.domain
  • site is inaccessible via domain
  • email works

The situation I’d like to be in:

  • site is accessible via domain
  • site can also be accessed via www.domain
  • email works

Any advice on what to do to my dns records would be most welcomed. I did try doing some searching because I thought this would be a common problem, but there’s not much information out there. I’m happy to put together a guide once I get this figured out, but I would love some help in doing so!

Thank you.

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Hey, did you get any luck with this?


I did, yes. Spoke to the lovely Sarah on ghost support and she pointed me in the direction of this guide and I followed those instructions and had a bit of help and now the site is accessible and I can still send emails. :slight_smile:

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