Ghost -- Shopify Cart Icon


I’m trying to replace the shopping cart icon on my publication to allow for the purchase of digital products:

The problem that I’m facing is that the shopping cart icon is not indicative of the items that I’m selling. (For instance you don’t place digital items into a shopping cart, being as they are non-physical). I’m hoping to switch out the icon for a bookmark icon as I think it would be more pleasing and would not bear with it the commercial intonations such as a shopping cart implies.

(Disclaimer: this is the first post I have made with regard to this problem and the inquiry may be more suitable to post in Shopify’s forum-- and I am willing to take correction this being the case. – Also I am not readily available to correspond as quickly and comprehensively as may be expected of me due to time constraints on my end.) Any help or hint from my community would be much appreciated.

Hey @specter, if this is a Shopify button then their documentation and their support would be the best places to go for help. None of this is controlled with Ghost