Ghost theme translator - CLI tool to generate theme language file

Hello everyone. I am very exited to share this. :wave:

I have released a CLI tool. Using this you can auto-generate language json file.

As a Ghost theme developer, I always feel bored to copy pasting all translatable strings from all theme files to language json file.

Now i’ts easier. Once all translatable strings wrapped properly using {{t}} helper. This CLI tool can extract and generate a json file using just one command. Is not is fun?

Please try this with your theme and let me know what do you think.
BTW, this is my first ever npm package. :crossed_fingers:

If you need information/guide about {{t}} helper you can find it at this Ghost documentation page.


Great :slight_smile: Awesome work and time-saving CLI. I love this :heart:

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Thank you!

Wow, this is indeed a very handy thing. Good job!

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Looks good!! Thanks for sharing man :slight_smile:

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