Anyone interested in translating an official theme?

Hey all,

Two related questions:

  1. For the Ghost dev team: Would a community effort to translate one of the official themes (maybe starting with Source) be useful, and more importantly, would you merge an eventual PR? I’d love to make a translated theme available to the folks on the starter plan.

  2. To everyone: Is anyone in the community interested in contributing translations of one of the official themes? (I’d be inclined to do Source first, but if everyone is excited about something else, I’m flexible.) If the dev team is willing to take the translations on the official themes, that’d be awesome. If they aren’t, then we could still translate a fork of the theme, but it would require folks on Ghost Pro to have the Creator plan or higher.


Happy to contribute! Can help with code adjustments and the German translation

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Happy to join the efforts.

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Updating with some added info:

PRs to Source that included translation strings got declined last year. So perhaps that’s my answer to #1. (Reference: Make Source translatable by chibiribiri · Pull Request #18 · TryGhost/Source · GitHub)

That makes me sad if so, because it means that there’s no viable Starter plan option on Ghost Pro for non-English sites. :frowning:

There are multiple forks of Source already that wrap translation strings. The most up to date one I found (I think) was:
GitHub - SourceTheme-i18n/Source: The default theme for Ghost. That one’s last release corresponds to Source in April (missing the June update and the one yesterday), although it looks like there’s new activity yesterday on the 1.3.0 tag, so if people are interested in supporting a (non-official) Source translation, that’s probably the effort to join!


Use DeepL and DeepL Actions in Github ;)

I’m too sad, that Ghost won’t accept translations for the DEFAULT theme.

I’m the owner of Source-i18n on github. Because it seems nobody used it by now beside me, i stopped investing time in creating github releases for updates i made.

Happy to reinstate “normal” releases and also open to accept additional translations if anybody starts using it. :slight_smile:


Oh, hello! I wondered if the owner of the repo was here on the forum! :)

created a new Source i18n theme release with additional fr, zh and zh-CN translattion.s

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I did miss the 2 pull-requests due to not having enabled notifications. :frowning:

@NinoBagatello I’ve submitted a PR with Scottish Gaelic and Irish translations.

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Working on kz translation :ghost: