Translating the Journal theme

Hello everyone,
I am trying to translate the Journal official theme to French but I am not sure how to handle this. On the Ghost support center it says:

To ensure that your theme is fully translatable, two core templates must exist in your theme. Check the following templates exist:
pagination.hbs - exists in content/themes/mytheme/partials , copy the template
navigation.hbs - exists in content/themes/mytheme/partials , copy the template

Is it truly impossible to translate this theme? Is there a French version available somewhere?

Sorry for the noob question but I’m just getting into Ghost. Thanks in advance for any reply!


any idea?

I think this theme is not written to be fully translatable. Probably faster option is to translate directly .hbs files. I’m trying for my blog (in italian ;-) )

J’ai trouvé cette traduction par Grégoire Fernandez :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:


Salut ! Super cette traduction. J’avais tenté de traduire un autre theme free sans réussir. Comment as-tu trouvé celui de Grégoire Fernandez ? Est-ce que tu le connais, a-t-il un site pour le contacter ? J’aimerais en discuter avec lui.

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Hello, Je l’ai trouvé par des recherches dans ce forum et Google. Je ne le connais pas, et n’ai pas trouvé son site. Il est présent dans cette communauté.
Bonne chance ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Voici le contact de Grégoire Fernandez dans la communauté Ghost : Profile - GregFdz - Ghost Forum

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merci beaucoup je vais tenter de le contacter

Salut, merci beaucoup pour la réponse et désolé pour la réponse tardive. C’est vraiment cool !

thank you! it has helped me lots, may i ask though: where do you find the English strings to translate?

Is it that we just go through the theme and collect all the English bits there are?

Hi, yes
You need to find every bits of plain text (as opposed to code) within the theme files. Then add the translation helpers to them.

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I see. Adding translator helpers is a much cleaner and sustainable way (for future theme updates) than hard-code translate each word that i was doing now. Thanks for suggesting!

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