Ghost update - content deleted

Not sure I just did something dumb but today I ran “ghost update”. The update “worked” but my content was deleted and the site was reset to default values.

Here is my ghost ls output:

│ Name        │ Location                                       │ Version │ Status                │ URL                       │ Port │ Process Manager │
│ ghost-local │ /usr/local/lsws/sites/removed/public_html │ 2.6.1   │ running (development) │ │ 2369 │ local           │

Also I am not sure why but when I updated ghost the port number changed from 2368 to 2369 and I had to edit my litespeed webserver config to get the site online again (otherwise 503 service unavailable error)

Please advise how the proper way I can safely update ghost on Centos to avoid this problem in the future


It’s almost impossible that anything has been deleted. You were probably running in production mode before, and the site is now running in development mode - meaning Ghost is reading from a different config, and a different database.

As for why / how to config litespeed, that will need someone from the community with experience.

I can only recommend that you switch to using Ghost CLI as it was intended with nginx :slight_smile:

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Hi @Hannah , thanks for the reply. I’m certain it was running in development mode before I did the ghost update; however, not sure about the config file / db stuff

If you want me to run / test any other commands please let me know. This site has nothing important on it really so I don’t care if it breaks and I need to install again or whatever.

Thx again for your support

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