Ghost v3 planned changes ? Roadmap ? Relase date?

What kind of changes are in roadmap to v3 ?

I see today a pull request in github where the meta data in posts are moving to another table, and begin to think in consequences to current project that i am working.

I search to roadmap description but not found in any place , this is a very important information to me, as release date etc, because i working in an derivated project, that intent to keep compatibility.

Thanks for developers for any information


Hey! Can I ask what it is specifically you’re working on? I might be able to shed light on what may conflict with the work you’re doing.

The original idea was migrate a custom cms to ghostjs, but in path we discovered Wich ghostjs not completely fit, but with some changes can work good.

I needed

  • add some custom cards
  • replace again mobiledoc field to public api
  • add a subtitle custom field

Some questions that yet worry me:

  • unpaginated query that ghostjs make in startup, when i have more to 10000 posts it’s a large problem, and too de downtime that it’s cause.
  • the fact that system store much state in memory and not was prepared to work in a horizontal scale.

I think in track roadmap to planning my customizations, or then fork another project if this are inviable.

Any info @DavidDarnes ?

Hi there. The customisations you’re wanting to achieve with Ghost are quite elaborate, are you sure it’s the right tool for the job? There might be other tooling out there that can get you closer to what you want without having to diverge from the main project so much.

I’m proposing this due to your above comments as well as the others I’ve seen from yourself in the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

i understand that some customizations are out of project scope, but someothers, i dont feel the same.

For example que queries in boot of app, can you imagine the impact of this in a large database ? This is can be a problem not only to me.