Is the a Ghost public roadmap?

I am new to Ghost and I’m currently customizing my theme.
I’ve read in a few places in the docs, references to a “roadmap”. Is there any links to this roadmap? I’m just curious what I can expect the upcoming releases to have, and contribute where I can?

Not really - this is explained here:

Ok, it would be really useful to see the roadmap is. Even if Ghost doesn’t allow participation / comments. For example, I’m very curious if plugins and a more mature routes implementation are in Ghost’s future.

Plugins are definitely not going to be done in the near future - the better route to go is integrations, which can do most of the things apps (Ghost’s name for plugins) can do, but much more safely.

What specifically are you looking for in terms of improvements to dynamic routing?

Are any integrations with additional ESPs planned? e.g. mailchimp, convertkit