Good mind mapping options for Ghost?

Does anyone have an example of using mind maps on their Ghost websites? Overwhelming number of options, so I thought I would ask here. How are you displaying or embedding mind maps within your Ghost posts?

Hi! The following assumes you are not asking about using mind maps to design Ghost sites.

Most will use an image card displaying a part of a mind map accompanied by explanatory text.

This is because a webpage is better used to explain a mind map’s components.

There are ways of embedding the output of online mind mapping tools. If there’s a need to display the whole mind map, you might choose to insert an iFrame (containing the details of the frame and the content origin) in an HTML card. But, presenting the whole map with tools to zoom in and out etc will, as with any webpage, have design elements that might visually frustrate a visitor.

So, most would present the whole map in an image card with the limitation that when in the Modal window, it’s still difficult to read.

Canva has good tools for creating webpage friendly components of a mind map.

Ghost is not suited to presenting 3D mind maps in an iFrame etc.

Here’s a good article about mind maps that illustrates - by coincidence - what I believe is best practice for illustrating the use of mind maps on Ghost web pages. It isn’t a Ghost website, but the main page content could be easily replicated in Ghost, including a section TOC for each heading in the article.

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