Google SEO decreased to zero

Hey there,

I’m wondering since many days why I have no views anymore on my blog. I checked the Google Search Console and what I saw was frightening:

What happened there? Im using Ghost in the version 5.16 (thanks to MySQL). In this year I published about 4 posts, the blog ist not “dead”.

Any ideas?

Did you change the site url? Maybe you switched from redirecting A to B to instead B to A?

Oh! I noticed a similar pattern, though I didn’t connect it with Google. I was redirecting to and now it’s to

Is that something the search engine won’t like?

Depending on how your Google search console is set up, you may not even be able to see the new site URL’s results. I’d check that first!

Usually when you set these redirects up, you define it as a 301 or 302.

It looks like you’ve got the 301 set fine which should have updated google to move the SEO juice from the subdomain to the naked domain.

You’re still getting indexed by Google at least.

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No, my site is configured since day 1 without changes in Ghost, DNS, whatever. Also the Search Console shows the correct site and finds new posts too without any errors. Everything is fine for desktop and mobile view.

My only redirect (should be a 301) is from to, but this exist since 2021 I created the blog.

EDIT: Im using Ackee as view analytic tool and there is the same view pattern like in the Search Console.

Hey! My bad, it wasn’t to do with Ghost or Google at all. I’m selfhosting GoatCounter to track stats, and when I moved my website I accidentally left GoatCounter behind a login-wall so the stats weren’t being recorded. I’ve opened it up now and the stats are climbing back :sweat_smile:

Please carry on with the conversation; my case is not relevant here!

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