Headline - Table of Contents Problem

Hello there :wave:

Before I opened this thread, I researched for a long time, but I couldn’t find a solution for my problem.

First off - the Table of Contents addition guide on the official blog is great. I used it and added it to my site. However, I am having a strange problem.

When I select the template as “default”, TOC works great, but when I select it as “Wide Feature Image” it disappears.

Default live example: Click

Wide live example: Click

I could not find a solution because I am not an experienced person in all this.

I’ll buy the Ghost Pro but I wanted to make sure to deal with it first.

Thanks. <3

Hello @gamedonut,

You probably changed the post.hbs template, which is the default template.
When you select “Wide Feature Image”, your post will not use the post.hbs but it will use the custom-wide-feature-image.hbs.

You most likely have to do the same changes in that template as well.
(Or potentially do it in a partial and include it in all relevant templates)

Well - thanks mate!

It seems working now, but it is intertwined with the avatar of the author. Do you know what and where I should add to fix this?

That’s a matter of styling, you have to add a bigger margin top to your TOC element (on desktop)

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All done - thanks again! Much love.

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