Can anyone please help me with my Table of Contents (check here) which has the following issues:

It is stuck on the right side of the post :( How do I move it to the left side of the post and make it appear after the feature image.

I would like to have the ToC appear after the feature image on the left-hand side as a sticky element which becomes non-sticky when the post ends (and not all the way to related posts).

I would like it be similar to this or this.

Also, how do I change the title “Page Contents” to “Table of Contents”?

I’m using the default Casper theme.

PS: I have already contacted support@GH but they asked me to hire an expert and/or edit the code. As a non-IT person, this is too arduous for me :(

I would greatly appreciate any assistance as I have been wrestling with this for more than a week :pray:t2: