Hello there from Finland!

I guess, I’m one of the new guys here. I just switched my personal website from Joomla to Ghost and so far, I’m loving it. I do have a few small concerns - such as a missing media manager - but I guess, a lot will solve itself as I move along and learn. So far, at least I managed to modify a theme to my needs and wire up an autotweet function with the webhooks.
Here’s a little summary of my journey: https://www.gofferje.net/goodbye-joomla-hello-ghost/

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Welcome to the world of ghost!

I feel ya about the media manager. For easy recognization, I name my images with the post titles, or with tag-cover ending so I know which is which. Or sometimes to delete some for new fresh img. i do it via ftp :slight_smile:

if u upload/replace a new cover picture, use a different name. i notice sometimes the system catches on to the old same-name one even though i already delete it. Love Ghost!!

Yeah… The worst thing for me is that I can’t use an URL for post cover pics. I relatively often post small galleries and just want one of the pics to also be the cover pic. At the moment, I have to upload the same pic twice for that… Horrible waste of resources… I just started and my ghost is already half a GB. That creates all kinds of headaches, e.g. for backups…

This used to be possible with the older Ghost version some years ago. There were some comments here from a few of us that it was useful, but the developers made it clear it would not be coming back. It’s a mystery to me why they removed this.

I might just look at wiring up a post editor myself. The API is fantastic!!! But first I need to finish my autotweeter.
Edit: And a facebook-autoposter is also on my list.