Where do you put your attachments?


I’ve tinkered with Ghost in the past but this is my first real time using it in anger. I really am enjoying the 4.0 release, everyone involved has done such a great job and I look forward to using Ghost for many posts / pages to come.

One question I do have, though, that I can’t be the first person to ever have (I hope!) is… where do y’all put your attachments? Uploading and posting images is fine, but when it comes to other files, where do you put them?

I’ve searched the forum and seen various discussions of an attachment manager. It seems like that doesn’t exist yet, and would probably be a fair amount of work, so I won’t get into whether that’s a good idea or how it should be done. I’m more interested in hearing from people who already add attachments / file links into their posts…

If it was just a one-off I could stick it in tresorit or something, but in my blog I’m planning to give away lots of creative assets (.ai, .psd, etc.) so the suggestion of putting them in my theme folder isn’t practical for me because a) it’ll quickly grow big, and b) it’ll make it really slow to upload my theme folder if I want to make changes to one of the files.

Is there any other location within the ghost installation that would be appropriate for me to create a new folder for all my uploads, that wouldn’t be overwritten when I upgrade Ghost? Or can anyone recommend a third party for hosting this sort of thing please?

I hope that this makes sense and I look forward to hearing your opinions. :slight_smile:


No idea. I’m just surprised that there’s not even a featured image gallery. You need to upload the same image over and over and over…


Uploading images more than once doesn’t bother me - on the whole, writing a post in Ghost is a complete delight! I just need some tips on where to put my attachments. :smiley:

in a folder on the server considering there’s no other option. unless you want them on a network drive such as google drive.

oh, I’m sure there are plenty of options! :smiley:

well then, choose one :slight_smile:

Yes, @rae this has been asked and discussed before… Here is the most clear answer from @John

:no_entry: PDF/Video/Other files

Ghost is not a generic file hosting platform and has no intention of ever becoming one. Hosting video, audio or other large binary files is incredibly complicated and expensive - and there are already a million other free platforms out there which do this better than if we tried to re-invent the wheel. The easy, reliable, and free workflow is to use a dedicated file hosting platform (like YouTube, or Soundcloud, or Dropbox) and embed the file within a post or page.

You can read more here:

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Ah thank you @denvergeeks ! I hadn’t seen that post from John. I also didn’t think to check the integrations, d’oh. It’s a good idea though, I knew I wouldn’t have been the first person to have this problem. If only I had the skills to build and contribute a file uploader myself!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

No you don’t. That’s what snippets are for, which are not limited to images, and can create re-usable objects of any type of content:

@John Thanks for your reply. But how does creating a snippet apply to adding a featured image for a post? Perhaps you misunderstood? If I’m not understanding you correctly, please explain how I use a snippet for adding a featured image to a post.

I have no idea what the use-case is for re-using the same image as a featured image - never heard that one before. In any product.

If you’re trying to have the same image as a featured image for a post every time, then the correct way to implement that would be to set a fallback image in the theme, use a snippet as the first item in the post, or use one of the many other structured data images, which also have fallbacks.

@John Ok. A fallback image it is then. Guess I can use the {{#is "post"}} with a tag to target each “category” of posts.

The user-case is kind of irrelevant as such in my opinion. The option to browse images already uploaded without creating a snippet for each one is a useful tool to have - don’t you agree? Or is it better to have a a few hundred snippets for images that you want to re-use inside different posts?

In my case, I will have 4-5 categories (tags) and all posts assigned to these tags will all have the same featured image (one image per tag whereof each tag will have 100-200 posts assigned to it).

I am not using the featured image on the post itself, just on the front (home) page, making it easy for readers to distinguish between topics / posts.


I think for some files I’d rather rely on a place like wetransfer or dropbox anyway. Offloading some of the work to a service. But I guess depends how big of files you’re thinking. But if you’re self hosted you could just ftp some files to a secure folder on your server that you can just link to in your posts? :thinking:

@brendantko yep, that’s also an option. Guess I am just used to having certain so-called “basic” options in terms of a media gallery and what not.

I mean… let’s say you make a mistake and click the delete button for a featured image? You would have to re-upload it again unless you want to spend time coding and creating fall-backs.

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I think for this use case, it might be better to change the theme to get a particular image from tag name to display in listing pages.
Something like:

<img src="https://example.com/images/{{primary_tag.name}}.png">

This way, you can still have feature images in the actual post itself.

(Note that I’ve not tested the above. It’s just an idea.)

Yep, I know. I’m gonna throw that together later. Right now I need to fix Dawn and the incorrect dark mode links and buttons.

Oh oops :slight_smile: I was replying to the OP about attachments. But yeah I agree about a kind of gallery being helpful.

Sounds like for your use case though you’d be better off with some editing of your routes and sorting by tag with a feature image? Then you just have the one image for all that tag/category :thinking: no?

Thanks Brendan! It’s mostly just miscellaneous smallish files. Here’s a photoshop file, here’s a PDF, etc. I’ve made a new folder in my /images/ folder for all these assets, so as long as the Ghost upgrade script doesn’t wipe that folder, I think I’m good to go!

Yep. Working on a fix for that. Just confused as to what color I should choose that works both in light / dark mode.

Choosing a color using the “Branding” option in Settings affects the subscribe button and a bunch of other things. Just weird out of the box to not provide a background setting for dark / light mode.

Oh great you have a solution. You could put it in a folder outside of the ghost install. Then you don’t have to worry.

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