Help! Images not appearing on blog (they always worked fine before!)

Here is my blog:

For the first time in a month, I am seeing these issues. There are issues on mobile (iPhone safari), and laptop (Chrome and IE) - slightly different on each but all having issues.

Desktop, Chrome: I click on an article the headline image and title don’t appear.

Desktop, IE: A couple of the headline images don’t appear on the blog homepage.

iPhone, Safari: Logo and all images do not appear.

I have been working on this blog for about a month and this is the first time I have seen this issue. Coincidentally, I was finally going to email my subscribers about the blog today!

Thank you for your help!!


Here’s a screenshot.


@Ryan_Schoop where are you hosting your blog? Does your host by any chance have ephemeral storage (eg, Heroku)?

Hi Kevin - Thank you so, so much for your reply! Last night my contract developer said the following below so I think we’re good to go know. I’ll let you know if there are any further issues and thank you for your note!!

I was doing some testing late last night of how the blog app would scale up and down based on the traffic to keep a consistent response time. As part of that I tested how it would recover from a server being deleted. I thought that all the images were stored in a database that is external to the application servers. I had tested this a few months back before you started adding content and everything worked fine. The difference is I only tested blog posts that didn’t have images embedded. It turns out that Ghost doesn’t store the images in the database along with the rest of the post content and all the blog configurations. It actually stores them in folders on the servers which I did not expect. The database that stores all the config, fonts, post text, etc is already external and backed up regularly.

What have I done to make sure this doesn’t happen again

  1. I’ve changed some of the configuration in Ghost to externalize where the images are stored

  2. I’ve added some automated backups to the disks that images are now stored on. I’m still assessing the cost implications of these backups but I expect them to be minimal.

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