Issue with bookmarks, images and embed videos

Hello guys! I was wondering if anyone here could help me!

I’ve hosted my blog in Digital Ocean ( and when I’m writing a new blog post, suddenly all the images, bookmarks and embed videos disappear! This is happening after 10 minutes or more after I upload the photo or embed the video, it’s not at the same moment.

I’m using the latest version of the Ghost and the latest version of Firefox.

This is what is appearing instead of the embed videos and images:

Anyone could tell me what is happening?

@dorlyneto oh no, it looks like something is causing the editor to crash :frowning: I’ve seen it a couple of times and it’s almost always been down to the OS/browser performing some kind of edit operation that the editor was not expecting (example issue).

Have you noticed if this occurs when you use certain keyboard sequences or noticed any sort of pattern with what you were doing when the crash occurs? If you see it again, please let us know exactly what it was you were doing at the point the images disappeared - that should help finding the :bug:!

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