Help translate Ghost (beta)

Portal is an independent app separate from themes. For theme translation at the moment, you can use the {{t}} helper or use a theme that supports your language out of the box:

Unfortunately, Ghost does not support translations with its default Source theme. See Make Source translatable by chibiribiri · Pull Request #18 · TryGhost/Source · GitHub

Oh thanks, now I see. I guess I have to change the theme then. I also can’t find the “This post is for subscribers only” text inside the source theme files.

Ghost provides a default content CTA, which generates that text. However, it’s possible to create a custom version, where you can style it however you want or provide translations. See the docs (Default CTA) for more:

Another big issue when choosing between plans in PORTAL, it does not show in Spanish.

"Choose a plan": "Elige un plan",
"Year": "Anual",

PD: I tried to edit this code, but I don’t find it on GitHub / locales / es.
Can someone do it? Thanks!

That’s the portal code. There’s a translation effort in progress.

Hello, I think it still doesn’t work for Lithuanian translation.

Hi, its still doesnt… :man_shrugging: I am on and off with different support staff about the issue… “I’ve confirmed with Ryan <…> this should be fully out in the next release” continues for 3 weeks now… Sadly, paying premium for a Creator plan and cant launch my project… :disappointed: :disappointed: btw, thanks for the translation files for :lithuania: :pray:

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It started to work for me, so I think it’s finally fixed :slight_smile:

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Hi! Is there a way to help to translate admin interface or it is not yet up to date?

The admin interface isn’t being translated, it’s just the visitor-facing parts of Ghost.

I can confirm that the Lithuanian translations are now live :heart: We hit a few roadblocks on the way, which delayed their full release.

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There is a French translation mistake in the Portal signup UI. The line

"(save {{highestYearlyDiscount}}%)": "(enregistrer {{highestYearlyDiscount}}%)",

should be

"(save {{highestYearlyDiscount}}%)": "(économiser {{highestYearlyDiscount}}%)",

I keep forgetting how to submit my corrections to the Ghost team, so I’ll try to get back to it this weekend. In the meantime, if anyone is quicker than me, don’t hesitate.