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I am trying to implement the telegram comments on my selfhosted ghost but I’m not sure how to do it publicly - I can only see the comment box if I’m logged in with the magic link. I’ve tried putting the script tag in a few places on the page, and with various conditions, but it still always only shows up when logged in.

I see on

That it is possible to have guest comments, so I’d appreciate any help in getting that set up.

Another question, only somewhat related - how do I build a login page similar to that on the linked site? I added a “login” link on the secondary navigation area, leading to a static page, but how can I make the form and make it look good? All I can find online is this:
{{#if @member}}
Sign out

Sign in

Which seems to only be for use in post.hbs.
I’m a bit confused by all this, so thanks for any help!