Help with Ghost's Keonig Editor - Korean Consonant Separation Issue

As a self-hosting user of Ghost 3.X version, I am experiencing a noticeable consonant separation phenomenon while typing in Korean under specific circumstances. For instance, when I input a new Korean word without adding a space after a previously linked Korean word, it repeatedly shows up. Additionally, when I use a callout in the editor, type the first sentence, and then proceed to the next line, it appears in the first paragraph.

Upon further investigation, I learned that the issue has been elegantly addressed in the updated version of Ghost’s editor, which is currently in beta since the June release.

While I understand that updating to the latest version would resolve this matter, I am eager to seek Keonig editor developer’s advice on how he/she managed to solve this problem. As both a Korean user and a developer, his/her insights and guidance would be immensely valuable to me, even if it’s just a brief explanation.