Help with implementing the Membership to our theme

We are using our own theme for our website, and would like to keep that theme whilst set up the new membership feature, style the forms, alert/error messages and styles.
Can anyone give us a hand?

Same problem here.
I looked into Lyra theme which is available on github.

I copy and pasted {{#if access}}{{else}}{{/if}}on post.hbs,
and moved “members” folder on my theme, but things won’t work here.

I enabled the setting correctly so I know it’s a problem of my theme…
Does anybody know if I miss something?

This is on my near-term TO-DO list (to provide the community with a step-by-step tutorial for the most simple way.)

So I would also appreciate any specific references from developers (and/or more experienced themers) that might pitch in and help with that by pointing in the right directions of already existing materials…


Amazing! That’s exactly what we need! :heart_eyes:
I was trying to find specific documents on the web but I couldn’t find something like that.

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Here is my themes dev & testing & tutorials site (besides my entries here on the forum…)


I’m in the process of adding membership functionality to my theme, too, but I haven’t gotten too far yet. Nonetheless, I noticed that the Lyra theme includes some JS/jQuery that is necessary for membership to function. It’s included in the default template:

Hopefully that helps.

Thank you for the suggestion!
I included those lines on my theme. :slight_smile:

Still, my problem stays the same.
The pay-wall is still showing up and replacing all the post contents, including for the free posts😢

I could solve that paywall issue. :slight_smile:
package.json was the key.
I changed ghost-api section to “v3” from “v2”, and I clean installed the theme.
“name”: “yourthemename”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“engines”: {
“ghost”: “>=3.0.0”,
“ghost-api”: “v3”